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The TC 3000 is a revolutionary concept in the world of combat helmets. While being very compact, the TC 3000 reduces the risk of interference of its ACH user with its immediate environment and enables its use as a paratrooper helmet.

The performances of this advanced helmet take advantage of the latest developments in protection against fragments and shock and impact absorption. These performances are really adapted to the threats that a ACH user will encounter on modern theatres of operation.

The limited weight and an unequalled level of comfort ensures to its ACH user mobility and efficiency in the scope of even very long missions. The TC 3000 is compatible with the use of NBC protections, bulletproof jackets, breathing masks, protective goggles, ballistic or not. It enables the easy integration of combat systems such as electroacoustic systems for communication, ANRs, NVGs…

The TC 3000 is capable of remarkable ballistic performances when one considers its low weight and its incredible comfort: the helmet shell has a ballistic protection level of IIIA according to NIJ-STD-0101.03 standard. It is capable of the following performances in resistance to standardized fragments:
Resistance to fragments: V50 with 1.1 g (17 gr) STANAG 2920 fragment: 670 m/s (2198 fps)

Resistance to bullets: Level IIIA according to NIJ-STD-0106.01 method and NIJ-STD-0101.03 ammunitions. The screws that are apparent on the TC 3000’s outside surface are ballistic and will pass the 9 mm test.


Ballistic material composing the helmet shell is a pre-impregnated paraaramide fabric composite. The helmet’s special shape is produced by highpressure compression inside of a mould. The external surface has a rough finish. It is equipped with a high resistance rubber brim of the same color as the helmet shell.

The TC 3000 has an incomparable level of comfort for a combat helmet. It is guaranteed by a revolutionary suspension system composed of a set of pads containing a visco-elastic foam composite material that will thermoform accordingly to the shape and the temperature of the head.

This set of suspension pads can be distributed inside of the TC 3000’s shell according to the needs of each individual user for comfort and to the combat systems to integrate (electro-acoustic systems for radio communication, ANRs, NVGs, face-shields, …). The set of suspension pads permits the layout of the weight of the helmet over the full surface of the ACH user’s head, enabling the helmet to be worn for long periods of time.

The layout of the weight as well as the physical properties of the material of the pads increase by 50% the resistance to shock, when compared to traditional combat helmet suspension systems.

The 4 attachment point chinstrap system of the TC 3000, as well as the 2 piece chinstrap enable an easy and quick adjustment to the ACH user’s head. It ensures the helmet to be a very stable platform for the integration of combat systems.

S size: 52 cm to 56 cm (6+ to 7)
M size: 56 cm to 58 cm (7 to 7+)
L size: 58 cm to 60 cm (7+ to 7+)
XL size: 60 cm to 62 cm (7+ to 7+)

Weight (helmet alone):
S and M sizes: 1.40 kg (3.1 lbs)
L and XL sizes: 1.45 kg (3.2 lbs)

Colors: Olive Drab or Black

TC-3000-01-BK = Small (6 + to 7) - Black
TC-3000-02-BK = Medium (7 to 7 +) - Black
TC-3000-03-BK = Large (7 + to 7 +) - Black
TC-3000-04-BK = XLarge (7 + to 7 +) - Black

TC-3000-01-OD = Small (6 + to 7) - Olive Drab
TC-3000-02-OD = Medium (7 to 7 +) - Olive Drab
TC-3000-03-OD = Large (7 + to 7 +) - Olive Drab
TC-3000-04-OD = XLarge (7 + to 7 +) - Olive Drab

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