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ALICE Field Pack (ALICE Existence Load) ( All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment )

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Please note: this item only covers the Existence Load portion of the ALICE system

Equipment type: load-bearing harness with standardized pouches and modular backpack
Accessories: ALICE Combat Load
Approx Carry Capacity:
Medium:40-50lbs (18.1-22.6Kg)
Large: 70lbs (31.7Kg)
Medium- 40Ltr
Weight: variable
Designed: 1965 through 1973
Used: 1973 to present day

The ALICE System:
The All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment or ALICE system is a system of straps, pouches, bags, and fasteners designed to allow a soldier to carry necessary equipment on their person without encumbering them or putting them under undue strain. The ALICE system is built around the ALICE system's individual equipment belt (NSN code: 8465-00-001-6487-series). The belt forms the base of the ALICE system and all parts of the ALICE system attach or interact with it.

Existence Load:
The Existence portion of the ALICE system is designed to allow the soldier to carry items necessary for long-duration operations with minimal degradation of fighting ability or strain. The existence load consists of a modular backpack/field pack system. This modular system contains a frame, cargo support, snow cover, and two sizes of field pack.

Existence Load Components:

-Cover, Field Pack: a white snow cover made of water-resistant nylon fabric
-Field Pack(Med.), LC-1 (NSN 8465-00-001-6480): This is the medium size field pack. It is constructed of water repellent treated nylon duck fabric and nylon webbing and can be used with or without the field pack frame, in total the bag holds around 40 liters (10 US gallons). The main compartment is approximately 19 x 11 x 9 1/2 inches and holds 32.5 liters (8.5 US gallons) of equipment and has an internal pocket for a radio and brass eyelets in the bottom for liquids to drain out of. The main compartment is closed by use of a drawstring that can be secured in place with a plastic cord clamp. The pack has 3 additional pouches measuring 5 x 2.5 x 9 inches each these are attached on the outside of the pack and have additional eyelets to drain fluids. on the outside of the pack, there are two wire loops on both the top and bottom of the bag, these are used to attach straps taken from the frame to the bag when the frame is not being used.
-Field Pack(Lrg.), LC-1 (NSN 8465-00-001-6481): this is the large size bag like the medium one it is constructed of water repellent treated nylon duck fabric and nylon webbing however it can only be used with the frame given its size. the layout is essentially the same as the medium variant only larger in size and with two larger added pouches below the smaller three present on the medium version.
-Frame, Field Pack, LC-1 (NSN 8465-00-001-6475): An aluminum backpack frame, painted black it is used with the large field pack and the medium pack can be mounted to it. The frame comes with two detachable shoulder straps (left and right) and one detachable lower back strap. This strap is used to put the weight of the bag and its contents on the user's hips instead of their back reducing strain.
-Shelf, Cargo Support, LC-1 (NSN 8465-00-001-6476): The cargo shelf is manufactured of 3.5mm aluminum sheet and is attached to the field pack frame and can be removed at will. the shelf is designed to carry dense, boxy objects like ammunition cans, field rations, or gas cans. Items placed on the cargo shelf are held in place with a nylon strap.

For historical information on the ALICE system and the LINCLOE program see item ¨ALICE Webbing¨ UNITED STATES > Personal, Field Gear > ALICE Webbing (Combat Load) ( All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment )
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