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Patch of the 4th infantry brigade of the Armed Forces in Lebanon

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Prior to the declaration of Lebanon's independence on November 22nd 1943, the various military units were combined into the fifth Brigade under the command of Colonel Fouad Chehab. The 5th Infantry Brigade was re-founded on 1 January 1983. In 1983 Fifth Brigade (Mount Lebanon) was commanded by Col. Gabriel Arsuni. The Fifth Brigade in 1987 consisted of approximately 2,000 mostly Maronite troops under the command of Colonel Khalil Kanaan. The brigade's administrative headquarters was located in Sarba, north of Juniyah, an LF stronghold. It consisted of three infantry battalions and an artillery unit stationed in Brumanna, east of Beirut. In 1987 Fifth Brigade units were deployed in the strategic town of Suq al Gharb to prevent Druze militiamen from shelling the capital. The Fifth Brigade was regarded as loyal to the president, but observers believed that if called upon to fight a Christian militia, it might remain neutral.
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