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"Altyn" helmet (WIP)

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GOST levels:
Helmet: III (3) (minimum 1 round 7.62x39 PS steel core ball)

titanium faceplate: II (2) (roughly equivalent to NIJ 3A)
Plexiglas view port: I (1) (min 1 round 9x18 lead core)

Technical Description:
A titanium helmet with a visor, the helmet is visually similar to a motorcycle helmet. The helmet's visor is secured by the use of sheet metal hooks that interface with pegs on the visor itself. the helmet can be equipped with a radio set whose control unit is attached on the rear of the helmet via use of brackets.

the Altyn was a copy of the swiss TIG Psh-77. Early versions of the Altyn consisted of a simple titanium shell with a head harness however it was found that the shell had a tendency to spall or shatter when struck. to combat this a aramid fiber backer was added, this not only stopped the spalling fragments but also provided added protection, as a round passing through the shell would fragment and the backer would prevent these fragments from injuring the wearer.

Another category of: Helmets

Общевойсковой штурмовой шлем 6Б27 ВС России Army Helmet P7 (6B7) Russian Armed Forces #1 Aramid Composite Helmet 6B7-1M Russian Armed Forces 6Б47 helmet Combined Arms Streamlined Helmet SSh-68M Russian Armed Forces
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